Here and (a little bit) everywhere
A series of listening pieces, and visual excursions.

To you,

Thrashing around to make up for the physical. We reach out with anxious tendrils. No hologram, recording or projection will make up for sharing breath, time and space. And even then, all we experience are glimpses, flashes of light, passing vibrations in the air. Real time must surely have a different feel about it…When we want to gain glimpses of a boundless, primeval sensibility. Acknowledging that we each stand on varying grounds, listening may afford us another sense of togetherness. Like overgrowth, nature reclaiming space, we move from and towards different centers. Like tiny green growths that find their way across a stone wall, a crack on the pavement, a gap on the ledge. The overgrowth is here and a little bit everywhere. Close your eyes and listen. Anytime, anywhere.

For this Open Studios, we invite the grant holders to share a series of listening pieces, and a visit to each studio, small visual excursions with each grant holder. We meet them where they are, without having to adhere to a certain time frame. We meet in a time that we mutually agree upon: A personal time, a circadian rhythm. It’s an intention that shifts, when we allow ourselves to listen.

All best,

Roberta Burchardt and all


with Roberta Burchardt

Mark Frygell (SWE)

with Joa Ljungberg
Stockholm, Studio 2

Lap-See Lam (SWE)

with Marlena Salonen, Linus Hillborg and Ping-Kwan Lam
Stockholm, Studio 4

Sebastian Moske (DEU)

with Yasmine El-Baramawy

Krolikowski Art – Alexander Krolikowski and Alexandra Krolikowska (UKR)

Stockholm, Studio 3

Chiara Bugatti (ITA/SWE)

with Mariana Jochamowitz and Nicolás Rivera
Stockholm, Studio 1

Lisa Trogen Devgun (SWE)

with Johanna Gustafsson Fürst
Stockholm, Studio 6

Raha Rastifard (IRN/DEU/SWE)

Stockholm, Studio 9

Bianca Traum (SWE)

with Ingrid Mugalu and Anna Näsström
Stockholm, Dance Studio

Merve Gül Özokcu (TUR)

with women in villages of Turkey
Stockholm, Online from Turkey

Geoff Robinson (AUS)

Umeå, Online from Australia

Yingmei Duan (CHN/DEU)

with Xiaohan Han


With public release on the 16 September, this Autumn´s Open Studios, is an online playlist, where we foreground listening. Sharing an openness to experience the practices and the studios, we articulate a closer sense of togetherness. Rather than an onsite, lively event, which a physical Open Studios usually creates, we generate an event which feels alive and of its moment, a space that invites a different sense of presence, even when it is physically impossible to do so.

The playlist is released on the 16 September 00:01 and will continue to be available so you can catch up and listen anytime, anywhere.